Solon D'Eça Neves's '63 Cutlass Convertible

This is my Olds Cutlass, known in my family as the "big red". I bought it 18 years ago, without the original aluminum engine. I'm using a Brazilian Chevrolet 3800, 6 cylinders engine, and believe, it works well. Other offense is the the front bumper, borrowed from a 1969 Dart. This car is my dream becoming true, an American convertible, not big like I wanted allways, but enough for me. I live in an island in the south of Brazil, and it's a great pleasure to drive in the summer days, with the top down, at the seashore. It'a too hard to find parts, and old cars here, but my next dream is a 1962 convertible 88 or 98. Be sure I'll be there soon. Oldsmobilian greetings to everybody. Solon d' E¨a Neves - Florian—polis, SC - Brasil

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